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Colbeth remains as interim clerk

Although former Clerk-Treasurer Mary Stanley was formally removed from her position at the town of St. Joseph by a St. Croix County Judge in November, the Judge has not yet appointed a replacement for the position, or given the Town an instruction to appoint another clerk. Until further notice, interim Clerk-Treasurer Marie Colbeth will retain the position until an official replacement is appointed.

Improper posting

A public hearing to discuss and possibly act on a resolution that would suspend the collection of impact fees was scheduled during the Thursday, Dec. 1 town board meeting. However, due to problems with the official posting of the notice, and several residents on the mailing list not receiving the notice, the hearing was postponed until the next meeting.

Former Town Chair Theresa Johnson warned the Town board about making sure that the postings get out, and get out on time and that "if they would like people to attend, they need to know what is going on at the meetings."

Along with the public hearing, several other items were tabled and postponed at the meeting as well, such as the appointment of chief election inspectors and voting deputies, and the possible action of changing from the caucus process to a nomination process for Town officials. Both will be discussed at the next regularly scheduled town board meeting.