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Gun ban fails in town of Hudson vote

Town of Hudson Supervisor Tim Foster brought up the issue of the recent conceal and carry firearms law in Wisconsin at the Tuesday, Dec. 6, town board meeting, and proposed a possible ban of firearms at the town hall. After a discussion, the board voted 4-1 against a gun ban.

"It has never been against the law to bring a firearm to the town hall," said Supervisor Kernon Bast. "The only difference is they couldn't be concealed." In addition, Supervisor Bast argued that "a sign is not going to protect you," saying that if someone came with "mayhem on their mind" a simple sign that is required for buildings where guns are banned would not stop him. He added that the possibility of having other, law abiding armed citizens at the meeting could well serve as a deterrent.

Chairman Jeff Johnson agreed.

"A piece of paper is not going to stop a bad guy," Johnson said. When asked why he was against the ban, Johnson said "I am not afraid of legal gun owners."

In the end, the town board voted down the ban 4-1, with Supervisor Foster voting against the ban, saying, "you've changed my mind."


The board also approved raises. Clerk Vickie Shaw received a 5 percent raise from $52,530 to $55,156. Treasurer Jacqueline Smith received a 3 percent raise, from $42,500 to $43,775. The vote was 5-0 for the Shaw raise; 4-1 for the Smith raise. Johnson had the lone dissenting vote.