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Town of Hudson; one supervisor race

Hudson Town Board candidates Don Jordan, left, and Ken Kolbe.

There is one contested race for a supervisor post in the town of Hudson in Tuesday's Spring election.

Incumbent Ken Kolbe is being challenged by former board member Don Jordan. Information on each candidate:

Name: Don Jordan, 57

Occupation: Corporate Real Estate - 35 years

Family: Wife Gail, son Chris

Prior Elected Office: Hudson Town Chair - two years; St. Croix County Board - six years; Hudson Town Board of Adjustment Chair - 12 years

What is /are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

I am running again to serve the Town of Hudson residents because experience matters! We live in challenging times, but having ordinances and regulations in place that have been debated, refined, and relied upon for the past 22 years has served the Town of Hudson well. Gone are the days where each applicant would come to the Town Board as a "special exception" and whoever could muster three out of five votes, won the approval. The Township now has zoning overlays and "permitted uses" which help define the future development of our rural community. All 8,000 residents get to determine this course of action and they have spoken.

We need to prepare thoughtfully for future development while at the same time preserving our rural heritage. It is our legacy for the next generation. Many new Town residents may be unaware of this rich history, however it for this reason that I am choosing to run for Town government again. Please consider voting for me -- 34 year Town resident -- on April 3.


Ken Kolbe, 60

Occupation: Retired Civilian Federal Government, Paramedic most of St Croix County, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor/ Trainer/ Coordinator

Family: Spouse Barb, Three adult children, two grandchildren, two adult step children and four step grandchildren

Prior elected office: Town of Hudson Supervisor 2006 to present, St Croix County supervisor 2008-2010

What is/are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

What I see as the greatest issues are the ever-changing rules placed on local governments by the state legislature. One is a mandate that we cannot control the amount levy we need to properly operate our community. Repeal of the levy increase law is of the most important.

Other issues are the backward looking ideas that have failed and are continually brought back for another failure. This would also include the holding up of changes in the town by the county for personal agendas and then being a party to litigation against the town. Return the local control to the local governing bodies to include all zoning with respect to the safety, clean air, clean water of the community.

I would also like to see the town incorporate to stop further annexation and loss of area.