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Anybody care to name this robot?

The River Falls Area Hospital (RFAH) "Name our Robot" contest is a fun way to learn about robotic technology and win big. The winner will receive $50, plus a $250 donation to his or her school, and get a private tour of the da Vinci operating room for the winner and up to seven guests.

RFAH began performing surgeries with the advanced da Vinci Surgical System in December 2011.

Hospital officials say feedback from patients who have had surgery using this technology has been very positive.

The da Vinci's sophisticated robotic technology enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with unrivaled precision. Patients experience less pain, less scarring, less risk of infection, shorter hospital stays and quicker return to normal activities.

RFAH's specially trained da Vinci surgeons have collectively performed more than 300 procedures over the last year at both RFAH and United Hospital in St. Paul.

Now the hospital is offering a contest that educates students about revolutionary technology.

Learn more about our da Vinci robot and the benefits of robotic surgery at

Here's how the "Name our Robot" Contest works:

• Go to the website to learn about the da Vinci Surgical System

• Come up with the ideal name for the robot.

• Submit the robot name as well as a short paragraph as to why you chose this particular name to .

• Include your name as well as a contact name and daytime phone number such as a parent.

• The winning name will be selected by the RFAH da Vinci Surgery team.

Contest rules:

• Contest is open to any K - 12 student in Pierce or St. Croix counties

• Entries can be from individuals or groups

• Multiple entries per person / group are acceptable

• Submission must include a short paragraph as to why you chose that name, plus an adult contact name and daytime phone number.

• Deadline for submissions is midnight Feb. 14.

• Winner will be announced in late February.