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$34,600 missing from school's parent group

A Willow River Elementary Parent Group web page reported that $34,605.76 remained "unaccounted for" during the time frame of the past 18 months. The discrepancy was apparently discovered after hours of volunteer time from the group's interim treasurer Anne Kalsow.

According to minutes on the web site, a treasurer and secretary involved with the parent's group resigned in January, but it is not known if either was involved in the incident.

"Due to the amount of money involved with this situation, the associated records have been submitted to the Hudson Police Department to continue the process of pressing charges," it said on the web site post.

Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen said the incident is under investigation, but that no details are available at this time.

The post on web site said the group hopes that funds will be reimbursed.

"As we are all aware the money was raised by many children and families in our community working hard for our school through selling cookie dough, attending fund raising events, gathering milk caps, box tops and shopping with contributing local retailers," said the post. "Please understand that this process is not expected to move quickly. It will more than likely be months before a final resolution is reached."