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Neumann has hopes of winning Senate seat

Mark Neumann and his wife, Sue, visited Hudson last week, drumming up support for his run at a U.S. Senate seat. Photo by Doug Stohlberg

Mark Neumann, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl, visited Hudson last week to tell his message to area voters.

Neumann, a former Congressman, will be squaring off against seven other Republican candidates in an August primary. Probably the most notable among the other candidates is former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson.

The others are State Assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, venture capitalist Eric Hovde, Tea Party activist George Lucia, ex-teacher John Schiess and Physical Therapist Kip Smith.

On the Democrat ticket, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin leads the charge, with a challenge from social services worker Gregory Paules. The winners of the Aug. 14 primary will compete in the Nov. 6 general election.

Neumann was a two-term Wisconsin District 1 Congressman from 1995 to 1999. He ran against Russ Feingold for the U.S. Senate in 1998 and lost by a slim 2 percent margin. He ran for governor in 2010 losing by a 59-39 percent margin in the Republican primary to eventual governor Scott Walker.

Neumann's primary message is balancing the federal budget.

"The United States' $15 trillion debt is the greatest moral challenge America faces," Neumann said. "It harms not only our economy, but threatens the very nature of America."

Neumann said his plan to balance the budget would put America back into surplus in just 5 years.

His plan includes:

1. Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

2. Repeal ObamaCare.

3. Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.

4. Eliminate or cut 150 government programs.

5. $1.4 trillion in spending cuts.

6. $368 billion in tax cut offsets from subsidies and more spending cuts.

He said his plan uses no gimmicks. Official scoring from the Congressional Budget Office is used to measure spending against revenue to determine when balance is reached.

Neumann recently released the following statement on the second anniversary of ObamaCare:

"What seems like a recurring nightmare, today we mourn the second anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare. Two years ago, Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin gave us what is perhaps the most intrusive and over-reaching law ever passed by Congress. With its costs still rising by the day, ObamaCare will bankrupt our country and it must be repealed.

"I've always been against all forms of ObamaCare; from its first drafts to today. I collected 25,000 petitions from folks all across Wisconsin opposing ObamaCare.

"Any politician who supported this disastrous law, including Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin, should be defeated."

Neumann, a longtime conservative, says he is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and is adamant about job creation. He's pleased with recent endorsements from conservatives like Jim DeMint and Rand Paul.

"I have 25 years' experience running a business and creating hundreds of private-sector jobs here in Wisconsin," Neumann said. "I know, firsthand, how crushing government regulations, nanny state bureaucrats and a huge, unfair system of taxes and fees punish small businesses, the engine for job creation in America."

If elected, Neumann said he vows to be a voice and a vote for those who believe in the basic, traditional values that made this the greatest nation in the world; values like hard work, personal responsibility, faith, family and community.

He said he believes in the free-market system and says he'll fight for an economy that creates more high-paying, meaningful, private-sector jobs.

Neumann, a home builder, says he is best-equipped to defeat the likely Democrat nominee, Tammy Baldwin.

"She is the most liberal member of Congress," Neumann said. He said a Rasmussen poll shows that he has a 9-point lead in a potential Neumann-Baldwin race.

Although he lost to Gov. Scott Walker in 2010, Neumann said that re-electing Walker in the recall election is of the highest priority.


Neumann was born in East Troy and grew up working on a farm before getting married at the age of 19 to Sue, whom he met in a fourth-grade Sunday school class. The two have been married 38 years and have three children and four grandsons.

Neumann graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater before moving to River Falls to earn a master of science in supervision and instructional leadership. He also taught in River Falls as a high school math teacher. He started a real estate business in the basement of his home while teaching math in the UW System. Several years later he opened a home-building company that he continues to operate.