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Lawmaker asks for longer 'safe haven' limit

A Republican lawmaker wants to give parents more time to give up their unwanted babies under Wisconsin's 10-year-old Safe Haven Law.

Right now, they have 72 hours to leave an infant at a hospital, law enforcement agency, or rescue service with no questions asked. And Representative Dale Kooyenga of Brookfield wants to expand that time limit to 30 days. He also wants health care clinics to be able to take those unwanted babies.

Kooyenga says some mothers are still in a hospital when the current 72-hour limit is up. But many such infants are born outside a medical setting. And there are a couple of major cases each year in Wisconsin in which mothers leave infants in the garbage or another hidden location -- and they tell police either they had no idea that a Safe Haven law existed, or they were afraid they'd get in legal trouble for it anyway.