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Senator Sheila Harsdorf and Rep. Dean Knudson retain their offices

State Senator Sheila Harsdorf and State Representative Dean Knudson, were both re-elected on Tuesday. They attended the Republican Party's election night event at Kilkarney Hills Golf Club.1 / 2
State Representative Warren Petryk stopped at Kilkarney Hills briefly Tuesday night.2 / 2

The mood was somber at the St. Croix County's Republican Party 'Victory' party held Tuesday evening. Well over a hundred people visited and waited for election results at Kilkarney Hills Golf Club.

Three of the area's local office holders won re-election. The final vote totals are as follows:

In State Senate District 10, Sheila Harsdorf earned 59 percent of the vote with 51,843 votes. Her challenger Daniel Olson earned 41 percent of the vote with 35, 664 votes.

In State Assembly District 93, incumbent Warren Petryk held on to his seat, which was subject to redistricting by earning 51 percent of the vote with 15, 592 votes. His challenger Jeff Smith earned 49 percent of the vote with 15,092 votes.

In State Assembly District 30, representative Dean Knudson regained his seat earning 56 percent of the vote with 17,223 votes. His challenger, Daine Odeen, earned 44 percent of the vote with 13,635 votes.

After 10 p.m. the crowd thinned considerably with the realization that the top of the ticket Gov. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had lost their bid for the White House. Congressman Paul Ryan did win re-election in his district.