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Two supervisor posts on ballot in town of Hudson; chair unopposed

Kernon Bast is the incumbent supervisor 4 in the town of Hudson.1 / 4
Clint Hetchler is challenging Kernon Bast for the No. 4 supervisor seat on the Hudson Town Board.2 / 4
Tim Foster has been No. 2 supervisor on the Hudson Town Board for 20 years.3 / 4
Rick Ottino is challenging Tim Foster for the No. 2 supervisor seat on the Hudson Town Board.4 / 4

The town of Hudson has races for supervisor posts 2 and 4.

Running for supervisor 2 are incumbent Tim Foster and challenger Rick Ottino. Running for the supervisor 4 post are incumbent Kernon Bast and challenger Clint Hetchler.

Town Chair Jeff Johnson is on the ballot, but is unopposed.

Supervisor 2

Tim Foster

Age: 62

Address: 993 Scott Road.

Occupation:Retired after 35 years with Andersen Windows; now delivers flowers for the Hudson Flower Shops.

Family: Wife Linda; son Bryan.

Prior Elected Office: Town Board supervisor #2 for 20 years, many Hudson Hockey Association positions, including president; currently serve town on the Extra-Territiorial, Hudson Fire Commission and St. Croix EMS and serve as chair of these two commissions, served on Parks, Intergovermental and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

What is/are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

--Taxes: As a Town Board supervisor I have always worked to keep our costs down. That is why our town of Hudson taxes are one of the lowest taxes in St. Croix County and the state. Of your total real estate taxes the town gets 7.3 percent to operate our town budget. We plan ahead and save money for projects and services. We have never borrowed money and we have no debt. I always do my best to be fair and impartial on decisions and have been a good steward of taxpayers' money.

--Zoning and Ordinances: I have helped provide leadership and vision to manage the growth that we have seen over the years. I have been involved in writing and revising zoning and ordinances to keep up with the changes. By having good zoning and ordinances in place we have been able to provide organized development. In this process, we have a lot of discussions and make decisions that I have felt are in the best interest of all town residents.

--Growth and Development: We have been a progressive community, always growing and changing. I would like to continue to be one of your Town Board supervisors to mold the growth and development of the town of Hudson. There are two sides to every issue, but hopefully at the end of the meeting the parties involved understand the rational for the decision. My obligation is to do my best for all of the residents.

Rick Ottino

Age: 62

Address: 876 Alex Lane, Hudson.

Occupation: Retired from E.I. DuPont.

Family: Wife Krista; children Dawn, Ken, and Jason.

Prior Elected Office: St. Croix County Board of Supervisors, District 8 (2012-present); Town Board of Adjustments (2008-present).

What is/are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

I am running for Hudson Town Board because I am committed to keeping Hudson Township a great and affordable place to live and raise a family.

The following principles will guide my decisions:

1. Open Communication: People have a right to know what is going on in their community at all times.

2. Citizen Input: All members of a community have a voice and their input is vital for informed decision making. Those in civic service need to have excellent listening skills.

3. Fiscal Transparency: Residents have a right to know how each and every tax dollar is spent and what services cost.

4. Cost Saving Efforts: We need to constantly look for new opportunities to save money while maintaining needed services.

5. Balanced Budgets: Families in our community need to live within the constraints of their household budgets and government needs to do the same.

6. Managed Growth: We need to balance the maintenance of our strong residential / rural community while providing opportunities for future growth of a commercial base to diversify our tax base. We need to assure that future growth is respectful of existing ordinances and our chosen rural way of life.

7. Focused: I am focused and committed to keeping Hudson Township the most desirable neighborhood to live in as well as the most affordable.

8. Commitment and Integrity: I believe in consistency between one's words and actions and demonstrating commitment through active community service.

Supervisor 4

Kernon Bast

Age: 64

Address: 948 LaBarge Road

Occupation: Real estate developer and private investor.

Family: Married to Donna, combined family of eight adult children and 15 grandchildren.

What is/are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

I have been involved in the town of Hudson government for most of two decades as a planning commission member and as a town supervisor. In its history, the town of Hudson has never borrowed any money and thus has never paid any interest. In this day and age that is saying something! This has helped your town maintain a streamlined budget that has consistently made the town one of the lowest taxed townships in the state, despite our growing population and the large number of road miles in the township.

I want to maintain our no frills budgets that accommodate our town's needs and continue our low tax status. This position will mean that I will not support a library contract that will require nearly 25 percent of our town budget going to the joint library agreement. We in the township are being asked to spend as much on the joint library as we spend on roads in a year. Unless a negotiated agreement can be reached, I will vote out of the joint library agreement at the end of the current contract.

Continue to live well in the town Of Hudson.

Clint Hetchler

Age: 49

Address: 864 Clint's Trail.

Occupation: Self-employed business owner.

Family: Three children, Candace, 27, Corrin, 22, and Tanner, 17.

Prior Elected Office: None

What is/are the most important issue(s) in the town of Hudson and how would you address it/them?

I decided to run for Hudson Town Board supervisor #4 as I felt there was a greater need to listen to the viewpoints of Hudson Township residents that were most affected by growth and the board's decisions. I have been a Hudson resident for over 30 years, and as such, I believe in neighborhood input.

My key issues include preservation of neighborhood input; responsible development; tax relief; quality of life; and protection of existing jobs and businesses. While living in Hudson, I was able to run Hetchler Electric, Inc., for 25 years due to the growth of Hudson and surrounding communities.

I want to see Hudson Township continue to grow in a well thought-out manner, while allowing our residents to maintain the quiet enjoyment of their properties. My business and property development background provides me with a solid understanding of this process. I believe it is important to protect and grow our jobs and businesses, without forfeiting our rural lifestyle.

Maintenance of our lower tax rates for our hardworking families is a very important key issue for the community-at-large and for me.

While working as a Realtor, I found it a privilege to help local and out-of-state families get settled in the community. Through these families, I learned their needs, concerns, and reasons why they chose to live in Hudson. If elected, I will preserve all of the qualities that make the town of Hudson a wonderful place to live and raise a family: including preservation of neighborhood input; responsible development; tax relief; quality of life; and protection of jobs and businesses.