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MADD wants sobriety checkpoints on Wisconsin roads

The national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants the state Legislature to hold a public hearing on tougher reforms than the ones signed just before Christmas.

Laura Dean-Mooney has asked the co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee to take testimony on legalizing sobriety checkpoints and making first-time operating while intoxicated a crime in all cases. The group has been seeking those changes for years.

A spokesman for Senate Finance Co-Chair Mark Miller says it doesn't make sense to pass more changes before the earlier package takes full effect.

He also said the budget panel does not generally hold hearings on bills.

Last year's crackdown charges more repeat offenders with felonies and makes first-time drunk driving a crime if kids are in the car.

Gov. Jim Doyle has agreed that sobriety checkpoints should be legal.

Assembly Republican Dean Kaufert of Neenah disagrees. Kaufert has said that most people are leery of the idea - and there does not seem to be much support in the Legislature for having the checkpoints.