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Barrett promises free hunting, fishing and park admissions twice a year

Democrat Tom Barrett says Wisconsin would have free hunting, fishing, and state park admissions on two weekends each year if he's elected governor.

The Milwaukee mayor says he would suspend the fees once in the summer and once in the winter, to encourage folks from Chicago and Minneapolis-Saint Paul to take their vacations in the Badger State.

Barrett also said the extra visitors would help tourist businesses and generate sales tax revenues that can be used to promote tourism.

Barrett also said he would make sure that local hospitality taxes are used to promote tourism, instead of covering other budget shortfalls.

The state does not have a room tax, but communities can impose hotel taxes of up to 8 percent - and at least 70 percent of the revenue must be used to promote tourism.

The two Republican candidates for governor slammed Barrett's proposal.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker says Barrett has raised taxes which hurt tourist businesses.

Neumann's camp says politicians cannot be trusted to create tourist jobs.