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Unofficial Election Results


Tom Barrett (D) 764,023

Scott Walker (R) 861,066

U.S. Senate*

Russ Feingold (D) 803,891

Ron Johnson (R) 928,719

U.S. Congress*

3rd District

Dan Kapanke (R) 91,148

Ron Kind (D) 98,186

Michael Krsiean (I) 6,346

State Assembly*

District 30

Matt Borup (D) 7,325

Dean Knudson (R) 12,096

State Assembly*

District 29

Liz Jones (D) 4,597

John Murtha (R) 9,216

State Attorney General*

Scott Hassett (D) 675,162

J.B. Van Hallen (R) 933,853

Secretary of State*

David King (R) 766,638

Doug La Follette (D) 818,259

State treasurer*

Dawn Marie Sass (D) 730,101

Kurt Schuller (R) 839,045

County Sheriff*

John Shilts (R) 21,879

Clerk of Court*

Lori Meyer (R) 22,057

County Referendum*

Should the Wisconsin Constitution be amended to prohibit further transfers or lapses from the state's segregated transportation fund?

Yes 15,209

No 7,038

*Partial total