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10 local runners in Boston Marathon

Ten Hudson runners are listed as having participated in the Boston Marathon.

The event was rocked by a series of bomb explosions Monday afternoon. It was not immediately known if any of the Hudson participants were near the blast.

The entry list came from the Boston Marathon web site.

The local runners are:

Dr. Steven Adorn, 54.

Kristin M. Carlson, 41.

Brian Dahl, 26.

Thomas C. Datwyler, 26.

Suzanne M. Ferrara, 35.

Paul F. Jaeger, 47.

Kelli Mutschler, 40.

Lindsey V. Sarrack, 36.

Dewain Wasson, 51.

Megan Westhoff, 36.

The Star-Observer will seek more information for the April 18 edition of the newspaper.