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Letter- Appreciated assistancev

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 18 at 9:45 p.m., lightning struck our home and that of Steve Conroy, located in Stonepine, on Hunter Hill Road. Our neighbor Sharon Tepper called 911 and came to alert us when she noticed smoke above the garage. She then got Steve out of his home.

The police and fire departments were here in short order and professionally handled the fire that was then in both attic garage units and spreading into the homes. It was not an easy fire to contain, and part of the force stayed on until near 3 a.m. to watch for possible flare-ups.

We cannot express our appreciation often enough to the Hudson Police and Fire Departments, as well as to those departments that came from other communities. You handled this beautifully.

Our very kind neighbors Gene and Roxie Kruschek called us the day after the fire and offered their home to us, it is located just across the drive. We will be very comfortable here for the six-seven months required to complete the rebuilding.

Jerry and Georgia Adams, Hudson