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Letter: Edwards is only choice

Watching the presidential primaries I began to realize the tolerance of the American people and how they have grown to accept the otherwise unacceptable. I refer to the conduct of the Democratic front runners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The ruthless assaults and well-placed lies can be heard daily from each side, each hoping that some of the dirt will stick on the other long enough to gain an advantage, long enough to win a vote, a delegate or even a state.

The American people are smart enough to realize both sides are usually gilding the truth and the real story lies somewhere in the middle. We have grown to expect this at election time. It's this tolerance that will slowly wear away the little shine that's left on the office of president. Remember one of these two back-biting, hair-pulling playground bullies could become the most powerful person on the face of the planet -- not.

There is only one way that a Democrat could sit in the Oval Office this election, and it would take a party effort the likes of which has never been seen.

First, to beat the Republicans you must think like them. Deep in some gated community in some neighborhood, where most of us would be shot on site, sit the wealthy Republicans. Republicans believe that neither Barack nor Hillary are electable. They believe that America is not ready for a black president or a woman. Believe me, that day will come, and I hope I will live to see it, but it's not today.

The only conceivable way to achieve a Democratic victory would be for both candidates to withdraw and throw all their support behind the only electable person that was running, John Edwards.