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Letter: Critical of Raider fans

The Somerset/Osceola boys hockey team came to the Hudson ice arena for the second game of Wisconsin regional hockey on Thursday, Feb. 15. As we waited for the start of the game and the announcements of starting lineups, I was thrilled about the number of people in attendance. However, my excitement was quickly turned to absolute disgust because as the Somerset/Osceola team was announced on the ice the fans from Hudson "booed" each and every player.

In talking to several people from the area that I know, I was told this is a common practice at Hudson sports events. What good is the announcement at the beginning of the game about having good sportsmanship?

It is a shame that what has become common practice in Hudson shows so little respect. I for one would not want my children growing up in an environment like that, and I would hope that my child had been raised better than that. The parents of Hudson must be very proud.

What I am proud of is that the student fans (and parents) from Somerset and Osceola that were in attendance at the game did not rise to the bait and clapped as each and every Hudson player was announced. We may be from small towns but at least we have class.

As we lost the game to a very strong Hudson team it was a pleasure to see our team come over and thank the fans for coming while watching the Hudson team simply leave the ice after their victory.