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Letter: Unhappy with board

Two weeks ago the Hudson School Board made a decision to use taxpayer money to build a tunnel from River Crest Elementary to Camp St. Croix. The arrogance and smugness of School Board incumbents Dan Tjornehoj, Erika Cherrier and their fellow board members' decisions to once again rape the taxpaying public are outright obscene.

I find it extraordinary that the public discussion surrounding the tunnel between the facilities prior to the public 2006 mid-December referendum did not exist. It was reminiscent of the behind-the-scenes discussion involving the board members that brought us a referendum two weeks before Christmas. It's easy to recognize that these same board members were discussing this tunnel long before the last referendum vote.

To add fuel to the fire, Hudson School Board member Tom Holland, vice president of financial development for the YMCA of Greater St. Paul, was having numerous discussions behind the scenes with Superintendent Mary Eggebraaten. Mr. Holland, who in my opinion, remains in a serious conflict of interest as a board member who derives 20 percent of his income from raising additional revenue for the YMCA. Additional revenue is exactly what a tunnel will provide to Camp St. Croix.

Originally the School Board was to raise the money for this tunnel through private donations. Obviously not many in the community felt that this was a worthwhile project as zero dollars were forthcoming.

I find it ironic that those who want to raise taxes on widows receiving Social Security to fund their pet projects don't feel compelled to contribute one red cent of their own money.

One would think that out of all those people who signed the full-page ad endorsing the last referendum, or those that place huge "Vote Yes" signs in their yards, or those that stand before the School Board and cry out for a new tunnel, there would be at least one person willing to spare a nickel. Not one. Not even those like Mary Eggebraaten, who garners an annual compensation package of approximately $180,000, threw money into the till. And finally, not one School Board member felt the urge to voluntarily contribute to the tunnel.

I would ask the taxpayers of Hudson to remember this tunnel project the next time this School Board comes asking them for their political votes or referendum support.