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Letter: Robson is best choice

With the primary election behind us, there is another important election in our near future. On April 1, Hudson residents will elect three School Board members. I am excited to express my support for candidate Lynn Robson, whom I have known for nine years. Lynn demonstrates strong leadership, fairness and dependability, as well as professional integrity which are important qualities in a School Board candidate.

In addition to her 19 years of experience in the automotive industry's finance, accounting and land development departments, Lynn has been volunteering in the Hudson community for 13 years. In 2005, Lynn made a career change that enabled her to focus more on home and community. She has been instrumental in fund-raising for the YMCA Partner's program and is an active member of the Houlton Parent Association. She is also the proud mother of two daughters in the Hudson School District.

On a personal note, Lynn's dependability continues to amaze me. If Lynn says she is going to be somewhere or do something, she does. The residents of Hudson can depend on her to take a fair and thoughtful approach to the school district's issues at hand and make decisions that are fiscally responsible.

She communicates her thoughts clearly and is solution-oriented. You will not hear her speak about a problem without quickly speaking to a solution.

Lynn Robson has the necessary attributes and community experience to be a tremendous asset to our School Board. Please join me in voting for Lynn Robson for School Board on April 1.