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Letter: Upset with other driver

I am writing on behalf of my daughter whose car was damaged one night while she was at work. The driver who caused the damage left without owning up, and I just wanted that person to be aware of who they have affected and to what extent. She would like to that person to know:

On Feb. 24 you were at Mama Maria's and you recklessly hit my car and irresponsibly left without telling me. I wanted you to know a little about me. I am a high school student. I was working at Mama Maria's that night to pay for the insurance for that vehicle. I was not given that car but had to pay for it myself, and it took me over a year to save up for it. For three months out of that year, I held three jobs. I worked at a fast food restaurant, a grocery store and took care of children. I finally had enough to purchase this used car. I cannot tell you how elated I was to finally get my first car.

I am glad my parents made me earn the money for it myself because I learned a lot through that experience. I learned responsibility, the value of money and, how with perseverance and determination, I can reach my goals.

You also taught me something. You taught me that there are people in this world who have no honor or sense of responsibility -- that you can do whatever you want and get away with it as long as you do not get caught, and that keeping quiet is the same as lying.

It will take me over a month to earn enough to get my car fixed, so if you come back to Mama Maria's you can see me working there to pay for your carelessness. If you read this, I hope that this experience that I have learned so much from will bring you some enlightenment as well.