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Letter: Dislikes fan behavior

I feel often feel proud or saddened by the actions of people in my community as I read the Hudson Star-Observer, but reading today about behavior by both adults and young people (according to the account of Jeff Berg, in high school at the time) at hockey games was shocking and it reflects so poorly on the community where I live.

As a teacher and a human being, I know it is important to support and applaud the effort of young people as they demonstrate their skills in any activity. A parent or fan may be rooting for one individual or team, but we need to recognize and acknowledge through applause and cheers all the fine performers or team members in any event or competition -- that means the "other" team too.

People who actually think it is appropriate to yell at referees, lose their temper at players, teams or coaches and boo other teams are showing a level of disrespect and rudeness that is beyond my comprehension. Find out how to behave admirably or don't be near young people who are performing in any arena, please!

Your immaturity is an embarrassment to Hudson and a crime against others.