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Letter: Abortion isn't good change

Change -- the word that, of late, resounds in the air long after the word is spoken. Change, change to what? Should we intensify our efforts to make this one nation for all, except for the pre-born and those we would euthanize?

Our health care system, does it need change, and, whom should we include or exclude in a proposed universal health care; will medication and treatment be rationed, then rationalized according to the dictates of one government body? Too, what will it mean for the aforementioned?

Should public education further its indoctrination of impressionable young minds, thus eroding, even more, parental rights in regard to moral issues?

Change in itself means nothing; Change must be in line with what is moral, and moral values are changeless. They cannot be bought, sold or manipulated in order to garner votes. Unification, according to Hillary and Obama, means I must change my values for theirs. Will those values adhere to the God-given truths of good and evil?

Change is a deceptive word when it rolls off the tongues of some politicians like so much slop. They incite the masses into a state of frenzied, euphoric blindness. Change to them means having the power over even life and death.

I am not, in good conscience, willing to vote for those who declare (as Hillary and Obama have done) to make it a "priority" to ensure the continuation of having limbs torn from the bodies of babies (abortion) or, allowing children's skulls to be first pierced with scissors, then opened up, in order to evacuate the contents with a suction catheter (partial birth abortion). So much for health care!

As Pope John Paul II said, "Indeed, the failure to protect and defend life at its most vulnerable stages renders suspect any claims to the rightness in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful among us. All direct attacks on innocent life such as abortion and euthanasia strike at the very foundation." (Living the Gospel of Life).

Change? Let us have change then, but let the change be one that includes "all" life, especially the pre-born. This, at present, is the only change that matters!