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Letter: Supports Robson

I would like to express my support for Lynn Robson for School Board.

I first met Lynn through her husband, David, approximately four years ago. I was impressed immediately. Lynn is fun, outgoing and great at engaging people in conversation. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing what they have to say. She also challenges people to try new approaches to problems or situations. She will respect your opinions and factor them into her decisions.

Lynn has an extensive background in business, accounting and strategic thinking. She recently started a new business and has experienced a great deal of success. She has lived in the community for 13 years and now also works in our community. Her schedule allows the time and flexibility needed to be a dedicated School Board member. One thing that is certain, Lynn will be 100 percent committed to this responsibility.

Lynn has the support of her husband, David, her children and her friends. Please join us in supporting Lynn Robson for the Hudson School Board.