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Letter: Concerned with tunnel

The recent decision by the Hudson School Board to allocate $125,000 for their half of the tunnel project to YMCA Camp St. Croix from the new River Crest Elementary School prompted me to do a little math. The results should give you pause. At least I hope so. If not, we are in real trouble.

The cost of round-trip transportation for in-district field trips using Safe-Way Bus this year is $77.74 for any size bus. If the $125,000 was available for field trip transportation to/from Camp St. Croix, each of the 22 classrooms at the new school could visit the camp once a year for the next 73 years! Granted, this is in today's dollars, but it certainly appears that our school district's priorities are not where they ought to be.

Please, please be more careful about how our precious tax dollars are used to educate the next generation. And YMCA Camp St. Croix, how many kids would benefit if your portion of the project's cost was invested in camp scholarships instead?