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Letter: Frustrated with process

I'm responding a bit late, but I wanted to express my dismay about my inability to vote during the Wisconsin primary election on Feb. 19. I am a third-year Peace Corps volunteer serving in China and requested a ballot for the primary over two months before the election.

I received the ballot six days before the election. Unfortunately it takes 10 days for mail to arrive from China to the United States. What outraged me the most was that the ballot was a write-in ballot (so I see no reason why it could not have been sent much earlier). In the six days before the election, I was required to find another American to witness my vote and spend 15 percent of my salary to send my ballot express mail. I did not have 15 percent of my salary as the ballot arrived shortly before my payday.

While I am not under threat of life and limb, I do believe I am serving my country and I find it intolerable that I was effectively prevented from exercising the franchise. I also wonder about the experience of other Peace Corps volunteers in less developed countries serving in more isolated areas. In China it was theoretically possible for me to vote, but in many other places it would have been impossible.