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Letter: Thoughts on abortion

The ultimate form of child abuse is infanticide. Prettifying the gruesome procedure by a rhetorical camouflage of "choice" is purposefully intended to anesthetize guilt.

The Catholic Church has stood firm in a staunch defense of millions of voiceless victims.

Yet there are agitators who aggressively seek the passage of SB 356 in the Wisconsin Legislature which could wreak financial havoc to the Catholic Church. SB356, is categorically unconstitutional since the bill would retroactively reverse the legal perimeter that statutes of limitations assume, namely that memories fade over time and, therefore, it is difficult to assure a fair trial.

Moreover, far too often the Catholic Church is sued for alleged sexual actions. Some religious have not confessed to these allegations, meaning that the allegation is not corroborated.

Furthermore, was it not psychologists who recommended that these religious could return as clerical practitioners? Should psychologists be held responsible?

If a woman chooses to destroy a couple's offspring, should the objecting male be able to sue the woman and state for lethal child abuse?

After all, if a woman decides to give birth to a child, the father must fork over child support under potentially felonious retribution.

Is it even-handed to punitively blame the Catholic Church for alleged sexual abuse of an employee, yet ignore a nation that, by and large, rationalizes deliberate child abuse for mere convenience's sake?