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Letter: HHS offered opportunities

Dear Editor

I would like to thank the Star-Observer for its article on the four HHS alumni who have recently completed their medical degrees. While graduation from medical school is in itself an impressive personal achievement, what I find especially interesting is that each one of these new doctors credits their Hudson High School education with setting them on the path they are on today.

Many of their comments are particularly instructive and are worth quoting again. Dr. Schneider says, "I went to school with a lot of people who were educated at important, private schools and I know I had as good an education at a public school, and I'm proud of that."

Dr. Barlow credits the Advanced Placement courses he took in high school as being "invaluable" to his education and notes that "it was clear that the other kids weren't as well prepared."

These are the words of people who have experienced Hudson public schools at the ground level; who have seen firsthand the benefits of a stellar public education system. As a 2001 HHS graduate, I concur.

The classes I took during my time at Hudson High -- and especially the outstanding teachers who taught them -- laid a critical foundation for my later success in undergraduate and graduate school, and I am fiercely proud of that. Yet here are some more words in your paper that I find particularly instructive:

--School Board President Dan Tjornehoj said he is particularly bothered by the fact that [HHS] cannot offer an Advanced Placement biology class and more world language. "A lot of our educational goals are being compromised because of lack of space."

Dr. Schmitt notes that "education in the era when we were at HHS must have been pretty good. I hope that has continued for the generations that follow us."

I hope so too.