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Letter: Unhappy with BOA decision

Dear Editor,

Led by Chairman Buck Malick, the St. Croix County Board of Adjustment voted 3-2 last week to allow Heartland Montessori School Inc. to open its busy tax-exempt school in the middle of our quiet residential neighborhood on Red Brick Road in the town of Troy.

Malick's child attended Montessori 20-plus years ago. Our attorney asked Malick to recuse himself from the vote. He refused. A tie vote would have stopped the corporation.

I was unable to attend the hearing and deliberations, but my husband and neighbors tell me the board and zoning staff devoted their time and energy to rewording the "findings of fact" and permit conditions to contradict our arguments.

The BOA and staff provided only contradictory words and documentation that is totally irrelevant to Red Brick Road and this private daycare business.

The BOA deliberately chose to ignore the petition signed by all 19 homeowners on Red Brick Road, as well as the testimony and factual support from neighbors and Troy's town board chairman.

Two of our primary concerns are that this business creates:

1) a serious traffic hazard on our 22-foot-wide curvy lane; and,

2) an attractive nuisance to thieves at night.

The BOA was told that Troy Town Board has a five-year road-improvement plan. Red Brick Road is not on the list and the town can't afford to add projects to the budget. They also were told the town is over budget with its monthly law enforcement contract.

The BOA chairman's response to those issues? That's the town's problem, not the county's.

The town cannot afford this financial burden. You can bet the tax-exempt corporation Malick forced upon us will not be coughing up any money to help Troy.

I am most disheartened for the neighbors who live right next door. Some of them work nights and need to sleep later in the day. They bought their homes here specifically because of less traffic and noise.

Come late August, more than 40 customers and staff members will be driving into the parking lot, slamming car doors between 7 and 9 a.m., when the neighbors are trying to sleep.

Sadly, the BOA deliberately chose to ignore their physical need for peace and quiet.

I was naive to think our county government represented its tax-paying residents. What corporation will the BOA shove down the throats of your neighbors?