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Letter: Blasts single issue views

Dear Editor

The Darla Meyer letter (Star-Observer, July 17) is twisting words to suit her own narrow view. Opinions and manipulations of facts like this belong on the Fox News Channel.

Neither McCain nor Obama said they "want to exterminate" anyone -- in fact, they are both adamantly opposed to the abhorrent practice of abortion. What they have said is that they will not try to overturn Roe v. Wade. Even if they did want to overturn it, a president does not possess the power to do so by himself. So you might as well get that fantasy out of your head right now.

Second, another fantasy you can let go of is ever electing a president who is 100 percent pro-life and pro- "traditional family" (though we're pretty close with this clown in the oval office right now). Why? Because most Americans are not religious whack nuts, and they tend to vote on more issues than their own homophobia or rigid views of where and when life begins.

Third, think about the millions of lives that could be saved from embryonic stem cell research. It's not like women are donating their embryos specifically for the research; all the science is performed on embryos that would have been disposed of anyway. Let's make that little piece of life count for something, for God's sake.

Finally, Christian conservatives and their Republican pundits are so quick to demonize a candidate for "supporting" abortion. But where was that Christian sense of morality when our country illegally invaded Iraq, resulting in the deaths of nearly 100,000 innocent civilians (and counting)?

Voters -- particularly right-wing Christians -- it's time to open your eyes. There's a lot more happening than abortion and gay people getting married. Let go of your fear and hatred and focus it somewhere you can make a positive impact.

My favorite is holding ourselves accountable as the "stewards of creation," as many environmentalist Christians put it. Whether you believe in creation, evolution or neither one, the damage that's happening to the environment threatens all life.

And if there is a monotheistic God, you can bet he would be pretty vengeful when he sees how much time we wasted bickering about religion, gay people and all this other crap, while blindly destroying the beauty of his creation all the while.