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Letter: Gives Strauch side of story

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Joseph Bear's letter to the editor, I would like to say that the Strauch family feels the sentence was very fair. We thought that Judge Lundell made the right decision. As far as the media coverage of the events that took place we agree some of them may have been a stretch, but nonetheless the truth was told.

Alcoholism may be a disease, but there is also a choice. On July 8, 2008, Ms. Bear made the choice to go to Chili's Bar and Grill in Woodbury and drink with Mr. Bear. If Ms. Bear was not able to make the choice not to drink, due to her disease, then Mr. Bear should have made it for her. However, Ms. Bear knew what she was doing. She admitted to the police that she knew she was violating her sober restriction.

The Strauch family felt Ms. Bear's apology to the family on July 2, 2008, was nothing but a mere slap in the face. During the re-sentencing Mr. Bear spoke and stated that what she did was thoughtless and was not meant to cause any disregard to the Strauch family, however he drove her to the restaurant and he was also drinking with her, so as far as the family is concerned, he also threw the apology back in our face.

Our family has many friends that are recovering alcoholics and all of them have stated after they were sober that drinking is a choice. They knew what they were doing, but did not have the support to stop. When you have someone bring you to a restaurant to drink, that is a choice.

My father is gone and he will never come back. Ms. Bear will be in prison for five years, not a lifetime. After that five years she will be back to spend time with her family, she will be able to tell them that she "loves them," and hopefully she will be sober.

We have lost a father, friend and husband forever, not just five years.

Janna Neidermyer, Knapp

Mike Strauch's Daughter