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Letter: Comments on Edwards' affair

Dear Editor,

The recent treatment of John Edwards by his own party, after admitting to having an affair while seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, is unbelievable. They have gone as far as practically banning him from the Democratic convention in fear that it might tarnish the Obama Campaign.

I always thought that adultery and deception were planks in the Democratic campaign. If Edwards is not worthy of speaking to the convention, who is? Bill Clinton!

That rose nose committed his indiscretions while president, then lied on national T.V. about it while asking the American public to define the word "is."

Americans grew up with philandering Democrats who drank too much. John, Bobby and Ted to name three. Reverends Jackson and Farrakhan make four and five. When the adulterers, liars and hypocrites are banned from the conventions, there will be no one left to lead the way. At least the Republicans know their trash.