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Letter: Backs Buckel in 29th district

Dear Editor,

I'm writing this letter to remind voters of Wisconsin's primary election on Sept. 9 and to encourage residents of the 29th Assembly District to vote for Chris Buckel.

Primary elections are often overlooked, but they are an important part of Wisconsin's electoral process.

Chris Buckel has lived and worked in the 29th Assembly District for many years. His professional life has also helped equip Chris to be an effective legislator.

As a classroom teacher, he will understand educational issues from day one. His service as a member of the Hammond Village Board provides Chris with a solid knowledge of how government actually works, especially in the area of providing important services to local residents. Chris has also worked part time in production for a small manufacturer of precision medical components, an experience that has given him valuable insight into the needs of Wisconsin's small businesses.

Chris will be an effective representative for the people of the 29th Assembly District. Among his legislative priorities are property tax relief, economic growth, health care reform and increasing access to affordable higher education. When he is elected he will also be a strong advocate for children and veterans.

Please vote for Chris Buckel in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9. He will be an honest, hard working, progressive representative, and will help provide the kind of new vision that Wisconsin needs to move in a positive direction.