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Letter: In praise of our city parks

Dear Editor,

As I walked our dog (on a leash, of course) down to the end of the dike the other day, I was struck by the improvements that had been made to our often used landmark.

There was a series of benches to rest on or simply enjoy the beauty of the day. A number of nice-looking garbage receptacles were spaced out, increasing the likelihood of a cleaner walk. The benches and cans are all secured in such a fashion that they will "stay put," in a way that is not unsightly. I found myself thankful.

Then I began to think of other improvements I have noticed -- the nice boulders and signage that identify parks and give us needed information, the well-manicured lawns and garbage cans that are tended to throughout the city. I was doubly thankful.

I want to publicly give a shout out to all who make this happen. I appreciate city employees who take care of these matters year-round. I appreciate the Park Board members who donate their time to serve us all. I appreciate the college kids who labored so diligently this summer so we could enjoy this blessed area known as the St. Croix Valley!