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Letter: Critical of Obama words

Dear Editor,

Candidate Obama has been telling us in his speeches that he will bring a new kind of politics. He says he doesn't want to get down in the mud and attack his opponent personally.

At the same time, his latest TV ad tells us that John McCain is "out of touch." What is Mr. Obama's evidence of this? Well, he says that McCain does not use a computer or know how to send e-mails. I guess we're supposed to snicker about how John McCain is old and computer illiterate.

But did Mr. Obama do his research on why John McCain does not use a computer? I did. It turns out that McCain's arms and hands were tortured so badly in Vietnam that he can't use a computer keyboard. He asks his staff to do it for him.

So, Mr. Obama mocks a man who is disabled and whose disability came by way of his military service to his country. That's shameful, Obama.

Mr. Obama would not last five and a half minutes in the Hanoi Hilton, yet he mocks a man who survived five and a half years there.

If this is Mr. Obama's new kind of politics, he can keep it. With this one advertisement he just took political discourse to a new all-time low.