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Letter: Critical of John McCain

Dear Editor,

John McCain wants us to believe he'll bring real change to Washington. I actually might've believed him a month ago, when I still saw him as a fair-minded man not intimidated by the demands of the party he's represented for over 20 years. However, two of his more recent decisions blatantly reveal that he's firmly in the pocket of the political machine he claims he'll "change."

First, instead of the "respectful" campaign he promised us early on, McCain is now resorting to the same old Rove-inspired tactics that Bush so successfully used against him during the 2000 primaries (go to to see just how many lies and ugly distortions McCain is using in his official campaign ads).

Second, rather than select a running mate with experience fighting the abuse of government earmarks he claims he wants to end, McCain chooses someone who, despite being a relative newcomer to politics, secured nearly $27 million in earmarks while mayor and continues to request hundreds of millions in earmarks as governor (incidentally, instead of returning the $223 million in earmarks for the nixed Bridge to Nowhere, Palin kept it for other transportation projects in Alaska).

As far as I'm concerned, actions speak louder than words. John McCain must think we voters are a gullible bunch!