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Letter: McCain is not for 'change'

Dear Editor,

Is the McCain-Palin ticket really the ticket for change? Can they be trusted? They are endorsed and embraced by the same party that brought America the last eight years of untrustworthy politics and policies.

They are offering a continuation of the Bush tax cuts, a continuation of the Bush energy policy, a continuation of the Bush foreign policy, a continuation of Bush's economic policy and a continuation of the war.

The addition of the social conservative Gov. Sarah Palin shows that Sen. McCain has conceded his maverick status for the status quo of his party. Their calls of taking on the Washington establishment is being fully embraced by the same party that fully embraced Jack Abramoff, Michale Brown, Haliburton, Blackwater, Rove politics, domestic spying, suspension of constitutional rights and politicization of federal prosecutors. So how can the mavericks say they support change when all their supporters are the reason we need change?

There is no change on this ticket, there is no leadership or vision, it is the same old song and dance brought to us by the same party in charge for the last eight years and in charge of Congress for six of the last eight years.

It seems to me the "Straight-Talk Express" and its chief engineer has been derailed by the same conductors of the last eight years. To those of us who are really seeking change and really want a government who represents us, this change is no change at all, "it's just lipstick..." (well, you know how to finish the rest of the sentence).