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Letter: Says info is untrue

Dear Editor,

After reading the Web site of Sarah Bruch, candidate for the 30th Assembly seat, and doing some checking myself, my choice became clear: I will be supporting Rhoades for Assembly on Nov. 4.

I was recently appalled by Sarah Bruch's actions to deceive voters about Kitty Rhoades' record on health care. Bruch tells voters on her campaign Web site that Rhoades voted against Healthy Wisconsin, which turns out to be a blatant mistruth.

I contacted Kitty Rhoades directly to ask her about Healthy Wisconsin and learned there was never a vote taken on it as Bruch's Web site incorrectly states.

The Healthy Wisconsin plan was for a universal, government-run health care system that cost taxpayers and employers $15 billion. Even the proponents of the plan are now running away from it after they've realized what it would cost taxpayers.

For Sarah Bruch, facts are optional. How can we trust what she says and has on her Web site if they're not factual once checked? Hiding the truth is a campaign tactic right out of Madison. Sarah Bruch is not representative of the values of western Wisconsin. I will be voting Kitty Rhoades for Assembly Nov. 4.