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Letter: Critical of Kitty Rhoades

Dear Editor,

I'm trying to figure out what it is about the Republicans, just why "not blinking" is a good thing.

I have before me the recent glossy Kitty Rhoades campaign piece -- the one with her angry, steely, unblinking eyes and furrowed brow, saying she "didn't blink" at the "big government spenders and special interests who have their eyes on your money."

She promises to watch out for us. If she meant that she didn't hesitate to stand up to the special interests and big government spenders, I would recommend that you check out her campaign contributions at and to see a non-partisan analysis of them. You can make your own judgment about her standing up to the special interests and I suspect you will agree that, in fact, she stands with the special interests.

Big government spenders? In the last two sessions, she and her Republican colleagues cost us almost $90 million by giving that amount in tax breaks to corporations who operate in Wisconsin, half of which pay no Wisconsin taxes. How I wish she would just blink every now and then, actually hesitating to think about her votes and how they affect real people like you and me.

Not blinking, in her case, is demonstrated by 98 percent party line votes that demonstrate she is captive to an ideology that has driven us into this economic, ethical, environmental, health and educational mess. Please blink!