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Letter: Kitty Rhoades understands

Dear Editor,

The off-handed comment made by the candidate running for Assembly insisting that health savings accounts are tax shelters for the rich really got my blood boiling.

I'm self-employed and I've purchased my own health insurance for the past nine years. It's not cheap, but it's necessary. When I found myself newly divorced and without coverage, I picked up the phone and called several companies. I compared their rates and plans and chose one I could afford.

The best plan for my needs included an HSA which is a bank account in which funds are used only to cover office visits, procedures, diagnostic tests, etc. related to doctor visits. When faced with this new expense, did I complain and expect everyone else in Polk, St. Croix and Pierce counties to pitch in for my insurance? No.

I tightened my belt, prioritized my finances, quit eating out at restaurants and taking two vacations a year and paid my monthly premiums instead. Four years ago I remarried and continue to be self-employed, as is my husband. Now we have a joint account. Please note: I do not take money out of my health savings account to go on vacations or purchase the latest Fendi bag.

When a candidate is so uninformed and ignorant about this one subject -- how can she expect to intelligently represent the citizens of our district in Madison? I'm voting for Kitty Rhodes because she's done a great job so far, and I have confidence that she knows what she's talking about when the complex topic of health care and insurance is discussed.