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Letter: Critical of Rhoades' votes

Dear Editor,

In addition to wondering just where all the money comes from to pay for Rep. Rhoades' weekly campaign mailings, I am also wondering if she forgets how she voted as recently as a few months ago.

I speak specifically about her latest glossy mailing where she takes almost full credit (she gives a bit of the credit to democratic Gov. Jim Doyle) for saving SeniorCare, a drug assistance program for those over 65.

The reason I am confused is because I checked her voting record, and on March 12 of this year she voted against the SeniorCare resolution to create a referendum so that Wisconsin voters could express their support for this successful program and could also ask our federal government not to allow it to expire in 2009.

Last year, on July 10, Ms. Rhoades voted against the expansion of Family Care (a program to keep elderly residents in their homes rather than sending them to nursing homes) and against a special budget session (Oct. 15) which would have excluded $5,000 of pension income for seniors.

Then she flip-flopped and voted for the final budget (on Oct. 23) that approved this exclusion. All in all, her record simply does not show strong support for seniors. Check out Ms. Rhoades' voting record for yourself.