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Letter: God is the real judge

Do the right thing this election -- vote the Bible and our constitution.

The Bible is inspired by God. 2 Timothy 3:16. Look it up. One of the 10 commandments says "Thou shalt not kill." Abortion is the killing of the unborn, our own innocent children.

The constitution promises by law, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What happened here? The Supreme Court made the law -- legalized abortion themselves. They were not allowed to do this -- only to interpret the law by making rulings according to the constitution.

Vote for the candidate that upholds our constitution, protects all life, marriage between one woman and one man. We need to correct our mistakes and make a meaningful choice in voting for a candidate who upholds our constitution and the Bible.

If you vote for a candidate who believes in abortion, civil unions between homosexuals, etc., you will be judged by God as one who approves of abortion and homosexual unions. (men and women choose to do these things -- God did not make them with this behavior as his word states in Romans 1:18-32 and Romans 2:1-4.) God says to repent, because he is good and is wanting all sinners to do this, and he will forgive our sins.

We will all be judged not by the Supreme Court, not our president, not our church affiliation but by God himself, who is the judge.

Think and do the right thing. God will honor our nation as well as you as an individual.