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Letters regarding Rhoades/ Harsdorf

Backs Kitty for Assembly

Roger and Judy Drewiske, Hudson

We are the proud parents of two sons. Early this year we found ourselves in a situation any parent would dread. Our son with special needs was being overlooked by a bureaucratic health care system. This system was at a dead end. It was not serving the many people that needed it most. Instead of improving and or re-doing the current system to service the people in need, the "compassionate" party (Dems) who control the state Senate and govenor's office cut services.

We contacted state Rep. Kitty Rhoades. Kitty listened with compassion and intervened on our son's behalf. She helped us navigate through the red tape. She contacted state officials at the highest level and tried to reverse this.

When it was determined that the state needed to modify the way it currently handles the needs of the disabled, Kitty changed the law, implementing a program which not only helped our son, but the lives of so many others facing the same situation. Kitty Rhoades delivered results.

Kitty is a compassionate and intelligent leader who stood up for us when our family needed it most. We are all very fortunate to have Kitty as our representative in western Wisconsin.


Back Rhoades and Harsdorf

Dick & Jean Pearson, Hudson

After watching the recent political forum with the local candidates, the contrasts are crystal clear -- we will be voting for Kitty Rhoades and Sheila Harsdorf. The reasons why we will be doing this are as follows: Both are for lower taxes, against the expansion of government, pro-business (knowing that businesses bring in jobs), pro-life and pro-second amendment rights (the right to own arms).

Both candidates are also in favor of photo-IDs for voter registration, especially important after the on-going ACORN ordeal (stealing your vote).

Both candidates represent freedom, individual responsibility and less government intrusion in our lives; they truly have our best interest at heart.

We support Kitty and Sheila.


Kitty needed in Madison

Carolyn Barrette, Town of St Joseph

We're seeing a lot of economic issues raised in the campaigns this year. Among the latest economic problems to worry about is the issue of unemployment compensation.

Our state's unemployment compensation fund may run short of money by early next year. And, should the fund run dry, Wisconsin may be forced to borrow additional funds from the federal government to pay UC benefits and/or raise taxes on employers. When, and if, that happens, I'm glad we'll have Kitty Rhoades working through the problem and representing this area's interests in Madison.

Kitty Rhoades understands the need to stimulate business growth and job creation even in the toughest of economic downturns. She knows that state government must be a catalyst in promoting new job opportunities, not the source of regulatory and tax burdens that harm entrepreneurs and established industries alike.

Kitty's background in economic development, even as far back as her Chamber activities in Hudson, provide a special focus to her efforts in Madison. A strong Western Wisconsin economy and expansion of job opportunities are always her bottom line.


Need Rhoades and Harsdorf

Bruce Leonard, Town of St Joseph

Many may not remember back to the last budget process. It was close to a disaster for the Wisconsin taxpayer. The Senate Democrats proposed a budget of $69.1 billion and the Assembly Republicans proposed a budget of $57.8 billion -- a difference of over $11 billion.

After the whole process was done and the budget came out of the Conference Committee, the final budget number was $59.9 billion. The Conference Committee is made up of four Democrats and four Republicans (three Assembly Republicans, one Assembly Democrat, three Senate Democrats and one Senate Republican). Kitty Rhoades was one of the four Republicans on this committee to represent us, the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

She had a major role in cutting the spending by over $9 billion. We need Kitty in the Assembly and Sheila Harsdorf in the Senate to help us take control of state spending.


Vote Rhoades on Nov. 4

Yvonne Qualantone, Houlton

Kitty Rhoades understands the importance of financial support for our public school system. The bipartisan budget agreement approved about a year ago included a $524 million increase in school aids, for a total of more than $12.3 billion for Wisconsin schools. In fact, of all the general fund dollars spent in the state budget, nearly half goes to school aid.

Kitty Rhoades' commitment to education funding for Wisconsin students is clear. Her work in developing and approving the bipartisan budget package demonstrated her support for our schools, students and educational opportunities.

A solid educational foundation is essential for the young people of Wisconsin, but I also believe that Kitty believes that our Legislature must take responsibility for the future in which those students will need to use their education, build their careers, raise their families and pursue their dreams.

Our financial commitment to our schools will be meaningless if we saddle future generations with a weakened state economy, diminished job opportunities and a burdensome tax load for businesses and individuals.


Rhoades is her choice

Mary Rubenzer, Hudosn

Any proposal to overhaul education finance has to be looked at very closely. I have been reading about the proposal to reform our school funding formula because it has received attention in discussions, specifically between candidates.

The proposal, Assembly Joint Resolution 35, is a statement of intent to create a new school funding formula. While part of its mission is smaller class sizes for certain high-poverty school districts, adopting this proposal would eliminate Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) in many schools in our area!

According to the backers of this proposal, these schools of ours aren't high poverty enough because they are under a certain poverty threshold. I don't agree with this plan! I think our schools deserve every opportunity to have smaller sizes like any other part of the state.

Kitty Rhoades has expressed concerns about this proposal and rightfully so. She pays attention to detail -- an essential trait for our state representative to have. I will support Kitty Rhoades on Nov. 4.


Kitty helped homeowners

Sandy Gehrke, Hudson

During the 2007-09 state budget, Kitty Rhoades defended homeowners by stopping a $140 million increase in the real estate transfer tax. Kitty publicly stated that relying on this tax to fund programs was irresponsible because the revenues generated are dependent on the real estate market, which could take a turn for the worse, and did. In light of the current housing issues occurring across our nation, I view Kitty Rhoades' action as wise and responsible.

The real estate transfer tax is paid by home sellers and amounts to $3 per $1,000 of value. On a median-priced home, this tax amounts to about $500. The proposal was to double this tax, making home sellers pay $6 per $1,000 of value.

While a three-dollar increase may not sound like much, it would have doubled this expense of selling a median-priced home from $500 to $1,000. Particularly in today's market, sellers need every cent in their pockets and taxing them more only leaves them with less spending capital or even further in debt.

Kitty Rhoades was on the side of the homeowners even before this crisis was evident. For this and other reasons, I will be voting for Kitty Rhoades in the election for state Assembly.


Rhoades is for our area

David & Karen Drewiske, Hudson

We met Kitty Rhoades and her family shortly after they moved back to Hudson over 15 years ago. She has my utmost respect and admiration. We believe that Kitty has developed into the most effective State Representative we have ever had in our District.

Kitty's family's roots in our area are even deeper than mine. Even though her family lost their father at a very early age, she and all six of her brothers became accomplished professionals in their chosen fields. Her competitiveness and no excuses attitude was born in that environment. No challenge in Madison is too much for her.

Kitty and her husband Frank left corporate America to come back to Hudson because this is where they wanted to raise their three boys. They believe that quality of life and their community is more important than accumulating personal wealth.

She sought elective office to represent the people and communities of northwestern Wisconsin, which are so often overlooked in a state where the power and population are centered south of us.

In a short period of time, Kitty has mastered the complex world of state and local politics. As a former teacher, business woman and Chamber of Commerce executive, Kitty has a unique blend of education and experience to represent our area. Her wit, intelligence and competitive nature, make her truly effective at her craft.

You don't become the joint chair of the State Legislative Finance Committee without some extraordinary talents and abilities. Kitty has served our area and citizens in areas ranging from heated debates about balancing state budgets to authoring legislation to help the elderly and handicapped citizens. She will and can work across party lines for worthy causes. She knows our agriculture heritage, supports the rights of hunters/fishermen and treasures a clean environment.

If you ask Kitty a question, she will tell you the truth and work with you to develop a plan. She is articulate, committed and fearless. If an issue truly affects our area or the citizens of the state, she will find a way to get it done.

One example that is close to our hearts will come true shortly. Our

handicapped nephew Matt will move into an independent living home in River Falls next month, thanks to legislation she sponsored. We know many more families and handicapped citizens will benefit from Kitty's work.

Kitty Rhoades is the right choice for our area.



Steve Hamill, Hudson

If you commute across that bridge every morning, like I do, and wish you didn't have to, then I implore you to join me in voting for Kitty Rhoades and Sheila Harsdorf as our representatives in the Wisconsin legislature.

Western Wisconsin, by all rights, should be a wonderful oasis for Minnesota businesses seeking a friendlier environment. And, in fact, for most of the last decade we have seen tremendous growth in the number of employers and, as a result, jobs here in our community. If the trend continues, then maybe someday you and I will enjoy a five-minute commute to a job right here in our own back yard.

According to a report from The Tax Foundation, which was issued just this month, Wisconsin ranks 38th among the 50 states in terms of the friendliness of it business tax climate. Were it not for the valiant efforts of Rhoades and Harsdorf to defeat the Democrats' tax-and-spend budget of a year ago, I'm sure we would rank even more poorly.

The reality is that we compete with not only other states, but even with other nations to be a home for growing businesses. Let's stay in the game by re-electing pro-growth legislators like Rhoades and Harsdorf.