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Letter: McCain is best choice

I am voting for John McCain because during these uncertain times we need a leader who can guide the country without making snap decisions that we may later regret. He is the leader we need who can have a firm grip on the tiller of this country in order to steer us to greater times ahead.

I don't see the USA as a country in need of radical transformation; rather we need to make adjustments in our course while building on our strengths. The fact is that the popular press tends to overstate our ills compared to the facts. The press tends to focus on unique examples of things that are better than in the USA, without looking at the overall picture. Let me state a few examples.

On energy I am sure most people would be surprised that even though the USA produces 25 percent of the world's GDP, we only consume 22 percent of the world's energy. The fact is that the majority of energy use is in buildings and manufacturing. We can do better, but let's make sure we don't derail the economy in the process.

When it comes to education there is always doom and gloom, however if you were to compare the kids in the Hudson School District they would fare very well. The fact is that the USA rankings are pulled down by the big-city schools full of unmotivated students, with many that don't get a degree. In contrast, the USA is a leader with No Child Left Behind, which despite its flaws, has made it public policy to give every child a chance in our diverse society.

The economy, while bad now, will improve. One can see investors' faith in the USA by the strengthening of the dollar. The fact is that other countries have financial problems far worse than ours.

On the war, we are facing an enemy that despises our way of life. Since 9/11 this enemy has continued to attack around the globe in hundreds of incidents killing thousands of people. We cannot wish them away, it will take military action to bring peace. I trust John McCain will use our troops wisely.

I truly believe John McCain is the best leader for our times. His maturity will help him create balanced responses on issues ranging from POWs to the economy.