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Letter: Upset with treat surprise

Dear Editor,

My wife and I would like to call out the person(s) or organization who decided it was appropriate to hand out trick-or-treat bags to children which had placed within it the politically themed pamphlet containing the illustration of an abortion.

We find it disrespectful, lazy and cowardly that someone or some group would show such disregard for their fellow neighbors and friends by subjecting their small children to such inappropriate material, considering most children trick-or-treating were under the age of 12.

Is this what this country is coming too? To disregard other parents' right to discuss with their own children adult topics when the time is deemed appropriate? This steps beyond anybody's political or individual rights. It is beyond disrespectful to assume your beliefs (political or religious) are beyond anybody's right to parent their own children and to raise them as you or I deem appropriate.

If you feel so strongly of your convictions, why do you hide behind trick-or-treat handouts to express your beliefs? This city, state and country have established and protected your personal rights so that you can express your beliefs and ideas without affecting others' rights as well.

You could submit them to our local paper, go door to door to discuss with people of appropriate age in person, as well as hand out your pamphlets. You could also place them in mailboxes, organize and set up forums for discussion -- any number of ways that are within your rights and ours. Instead you chose the lazy and cowardly way by stuffing your beliefs into my children's trick-or-treat bags. You might have received a more positive response from us than when you ambush our children.

In the end, our children only get to be children for a short while in their lives and ours. Let them enjoy Halloween and any other holiday that brings out their smiles, excitement and innocence before they grow up and have to face the hard decisions we adults are all facing today.

Maybe you should attend their school classes and see how they are being taught to respect others' ideas by listening when others are speaking, raising their hands to speak, and respecting each and everyone regardless of race, sex, religion or politics.