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Letter: Unhappy with political signs

Dear Editor,

Our local churches are where our community goes to heal wounds, not open wounds. Well, enter the 2008 Hudson Republican volunteers.

After enjoying a thoughtful sermon on "sanctuary" at the First Presbyterian Church on Nov. 2, our congregation was confronted with our sanctuary having been plastered with McCain/Palin brochures on our private lot. Church guests and members attending church were flabbergasted, not to mention our pastor. At least two other Hudson-area sanctuaries were also affected -- the First Baptist Church and Christ Center.

Two days later, on Election Day, Hudson residents awoke to find McCain/Palin signs placed in front of their private residences representing them as McCain/Palin supporters whether they chose to be or not.

On one of the busiest commerce days of the year, local business managers were sent scrambling to remove illegally placed signs in order to conduct their normal course of business. The Republican volunteers had struck again, this time disrupting Hudson businesses and littering swaths of city property with signs, including Vine Street and Coulee Road. The private YMCA parking lot was also targeted with brochures.

Remember the high school prank gone array last year? Similarly, this is premeditated, conspired trespasses against multiple parties. Who pays for the damages and cleanup? Laws and code violations? Ethical, trespassing our churches?

Our local churches are where our community goes to heal wounds, not open wounds. Our churches, businesses and citizens deserve better.