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Letter: Abortion is biggest issue

Dear Editor,

I recently read a letter to the editor of a Christian newspaper stating that too many letters had been published about abortion before the election, and, that "other issues" should have been given equal status.

I instantly recalled the words of a priest I heard on EWIN, a Catholic television station, and, although I do not remember the exact words he used, I was struck by their profundity. This is what he said.

"Ask the babies whose limbs are being torn from their bodies as they struggle to find safety in their mother's wombs, ask the babies as their skulls are being pierced with scissors, then further opened up, in order to extract brain tissue via a suction catheter, if they are 'single issue' people. Would not you be?"

Too, as Cardinal O'Conner stated, "You can be poor and be alive, you can be homeless and be alive, but you cannot be aborted and be alive."

Now then, let's move on to those "other issues" and forget about abortion until the next election cycle. Let's stop talking about it in our families and in our churches. Let's play pretend. Let's pretend we don't see abortion for what it really is -- murder, while the babies continue to pile up and the screams of the innocents fall on deaf ears. Let's pretend it will all go away and that abortion does not supersede the economy, the war or the death penalty, etc.

Let's pretend that only "right wing, prolife zealots" have no compassion for the poor and the homeless so we can ease our conscience when we vote for pro-death politicians who win and proclaim that killing babies is a "right."

Let's pretend all the way to hell.