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Letter: Responds to earlier letter

Dear Editor,

In response to Ms. Johnson: If I made anyone feel that I have some objection to who is moving into my neighborhood, I am sorry. My objections are toward what is moving in, not who, and has nothing to do with somehow damaging my neighborhood's image.

In short, a business has opened in the residence next door to mine without being required to go through any sort of process to address the zoning laws it is so clearly violating.

The business is a senior care facility. Its owner told a group of my neighbors and me that it would provide completely unlicensed and unregulated care services to seniors. She told us that she would be moving two elderly women in immediately (one of whom is wheelchair bound, the other debilitated by dementia) with another two or three to follow. She also said the 24-hour service her business provides would be administered by one live-in employee who would not be licensed to provide care in any way.

That's right, one employee is to provide 24-hour care, seven days a week for these disabled elders. She also disclosed that she will be charging these women $13,000 per month each.

Even if this were the mother of all elder care facilities, it is still a business. It should be regarded as such and be required to follow the same rules as any other, including zoning laws.

In addition to the "normal" rules, I hope there is another, more stringent set that we can impose on this facility as it intends to provide care for our society's most vulnerable group.

By the way, if I wanted to live next to a business, I would have moved to the business park. Oh wait! I forgot, that is against the zoning ordinances and wouldn't have been permitted.