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Letter: Good follower; good leader

Dear Editor,

It's Sunday evening, Dec. 14. I just returned from the Hudson High School auditorium after having had the privilege of watching and listening to the dress rehearsal for this year's Christmas concert.

I am writing this letter to praise the participating students and their directors for what turned out to be a stellar program.

In 1979, Pope John Paul II wrote a book titled "You Are the Future, You Are My Hope." The book is a compilation of all the speeches which the pope had given during his visits to almost every continent, and which he specifically addressed to young people; it is subtitled "To the Young People of the World."

As I watched and enjoyed this evening's rehearsal, I marveled at the degree of genuine and mutual respect that was so apparent between you students (elementary and high school alike) and your principal director, Andrew Haase.

How good it is that -- at a young age -- you are learning so well to be respectful and attentive followers. And what a wonderful reflection that is on your parents, on your teachers and on the peers with whom you are choosing to associate. Being good followers is an essential prerequisite to becoming good leaders.

To paraphrase the title of Pope John Paul's wonderful book, you are the future, and you indeed are our hope. Peace be with you; a very Merry Christmas to each of you and to your families.