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Letter: Remembers Hudson days

After learning of the death of Hudson's Willis Miller (1918-2008), I was reminded of the days I lived in Hudson as a little kid.

I was born in St. Paul in 1929 and was taken to Hudson immediately after my birth. In 1936 our family moved to Oregon.

For several years after we moved to Oregon we continued to receive the Hudson Star-Observer, which no doubt kept us abreast of Hudson activities.

In 1980, after my adopted parents had passed on, I became curious about a story my adopted mother had told me about my adoption in Wisconsin.

Because Willis Miller knew most everything about Hudson and the surrounding area, I wrote to ask for his assistance in finding my birth parents.

His investigative ability paid off, and not many years later I was able to contact my birth mother's relatives in an area close to Hudson, and was also able to locate my 1929 baby-sitter, Audrey Tursky (1915-2008), who remembered everything about my adoption right up to the day I arrived in Hudson.

Because of the difficulty I have had with the state of Wisconsin regarding its secret adoption laws, I have often wondered whether Wisconsin's general public really favors adoption secrecy or whether there is any existing citizen movement to overthrow the powers in control of the Wisconsin Legislature?

If there is any kind of Wisconsin political movement supporting open adoption records, I would be interested in knowing about it.

My e-mail address is if anyone desires to send me any information.

In the meantime, I'm coping with the unexpected deaths of Willis Miller and my baby-sitter, Audrey Tursky Kienetz!