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Letter: Upset with School Board

Dear Editor,

I would like to start this by saying that I am a mother who is concerned with her children's well being. That being said, I am very perplexed at the school district's desire to redo the school boundaries.

My child has had to switch schools once due to the new boundaries and now the decision to change those boundaries again puts me in the situation of either 1. Moving her again, which she doesn't want to go through again, or 2. Having two children at different elementary schools.

I know I am not alone in the disgust I feel for this decision. Most of my neighbors are in the same boat. I find myself wondering if this board thinks at all of a child's well-being?

When this school was built, how did they miss the fact that our kids already are here and need to be schooled? The concern that the possibility of land being developed and needing to "make room" for kids who may or may not be attending this school is poor thinking.

At a minimum, it is imperative (in my mind) to keep siblings together! What good can come of separating sibling groups? I voted for the new school, I voted to increase my taxes to pay for it because my kids would be attending. Now as of today this may not be the case.

I am more than frustrated with the board of education and the poor follow-through and thoughtlessness in this decision!

To the Board of Education, please use the better part of your heart and mind and keep the kids from more change.