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Letter: Boundary is parent issue

Dear Editor,

One of the reasons that my husband and I chose to build our home and raise our family in Hudson was because of the quality of the public schools.

We both work in Minneapolis but were willing to add time to our commute in order to ensure that our children were part of a high-quality public school system. We were horrified to learn that Hudson Public Schools intend to either divide our family or add another transition into their education.

The new school boundary proposal will negatively impact the quality of our children's education and that of our neighbors and community members. The proposal would have our children change schools again this year.

You don't have to look very far to discover that multiple studies have concluded again and again that school mobility is negatively related to achievement and involvement and positively related to emotional disorders.

These changes will lead to lower achievement, less family involvement, and could contribute to anxiety and emotional issues. Another transition is not in Hudson students' best interest.

Our son, for example, attended kindergarten at E.P. Rock, River Crest for first grade, and with this proposal will be back to E.P. Rock for second grade. What a terrible start to his public education! He has never had the chance to become a part of the community or the culture of a school! Each year, he has to meet new friends, learn new routines and navigate a new school.

The proposal does allow for students who are currently attending River Crest to be "grandfathered" in and to continue at River Crest until middle school. This sounds like a great compromise on the surface. When you read further in the proposal, you discover that siblings of these students would not be allowed to attend River Crest and they must go to E.P. Rock.

This proposal divides families! Working families, like mine, will not be able to fully participate in their children's education because they will have children at two different elementary schools. There will be two curriculum nights, two family nights, two open houses, two carnivals and two PTAs that they will be expected to participate it. Exhausting. Furthermore, our children will not be part of the same school culture and community! It would be very difficult for us to have one child at River Crest and his siblings at Rock.

One of the original reasons for the boundary changes was to keep neighborhood communities together. This proposal will also divide our neighborhood as some people will have their children remain at River Crest and others will go to Rock.

Our choices if this proposal passes are dismal: Give our oldest son yet another transition or divide our family.

I understand that Hudson Public Schools needs to find a solution to this problem, but this proposal hurts students, families, and the community. I call upon you to use your skill and creativity to find a solution to this problem that will not hurt our community.